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Discover the Perfect Water Tank: Poly Water and Chemical Holding Tanks.

We suspect your head is spinning with so many different types of tanks available on the market. And did you ever think you might need an engineering degree to understand the tank specs and how to best attach two or more tanks?

We hear questions daily and hope our answers to the questions help you in making the decision on the tank or tanks that will fit your needs the best.

“A well supports our home water needs. We want a backup solution in the event we have a drought and the well goes dry.”

FDA Approved Home Drinking Water Tanks

Discover the superior quality of Fresh Water Poly Plastic Tanks.

Fresh Water Tanks are flat bottom tanks designed to hold pressure and come manufactured in green and black that help in the generation of heat in cold winters. The vertical freshwater tank is easy to move when empty if needing to relocate. Fresh Water tanks range in weight from 10lbs up to 500lbs for a 3000-gallon freshwater tank.

Fresh Water Tanks are best for long-term water storage, rainwater collection, and water harvesting, potable drinking water, emergency water storage, irrigation and are recommended for water storage for fire suppression.

The added accessories to consider are a gas-powered water pump, water gauges, and ball valves for turning the water outlet on and off.

“We own a winery and need food-grade polyethylene holding tanks for our wine preparation for bottling.”

FDA Approved Water Storage Tanks

FDA-approved Vertical Holding Tanks are manufactured with FDA approved resin that complies with FDA standards.

This plastic vertical water storage tank is available in sizes ranging from 22 to 3,000 gallons and calibrated tanks are very popular.

“Our family owns an Aqua-Farming operation and uses poly tanks for oyster and shrimp harvesting.”

Open Top Water Storage Tanks

Open Top Aquaculture Tanks are smooth-sided tanks and used for solids storage, fish & reptile breeding, and are used as containment vessels for other poly tanks. The FDA-compliant polyethylene is safe and non-toxic to aquatic and animal life.

"We have a mobile detailing business and need tanks for the bed of our trucks or vans."

Truck Bed Rectangular Water tanks are intended for use on pick-up trucks, with a specialized design that allows the tank to fit over wheel wells. The tanks are frequently used by mosquito abatement and extermination businesses. 

Rectangular Truck Bed Tank



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