LTL- Less-than-truckload shipping is used to transport palletized shipments of tanks and commercial trash cans, generally between 150 and 500 pounds. 

All About Tanks has contracts with several LTL carriers and will present you, our customer with the least expensive options available when we quote your merchandise shipment.

All About Tanks is charged a per/pallet fee of $65 that is passed along to our customers.

Ground- UPS and FedEx ground freight is used to transport bundled shipments of poly plastic storage tanks generally between 1 and 50 pounds. 

In the event your company has agreements with LTL shipping carriers or ground delivery companies, we will send the weight of the bundle(s) or tank and pallet. We will provide the pallet dimensions and pickup contact and address, and your shipping department will provide All About Tanks with your BOL. 

TL- Truck Load shipping is used to transport the merchandise with dimensions that exceed 8 feet in width and height. All About Tanks will recommend shipping your merchandise by Truck Load if the LessThanLoad solution is not cost-effective for the size of the order.

All About Tanks has contacts with several Truckload Carriers. When your shipment is on the dock we ask trucking companies for delivery bids and present the bids to the customer for approval before booking the pickup with the trucking company.


All About Tanks will take bids from local carriers to find the least expensive delivery options for our customers who are based in Idaho or states bordering Idaho.