How to Insulate a Poly Plastic Tank to Prevent Freezing

How to Insulate a Poly Plastic Tank to Prevent Freezing

Poly Plastic water storage tanks are ideal to have when a steady supply of home drinking water, fire suppression, and cleaning is needed. When freezing weather heads your way keeping your water supply safe from freezing is important.

Here are a few simple suggestions to assure your water tank and water supply is dependable through the freezing weather.

Insulate the Water Tank

Depending on the region of the country you live in you may have only a day or two of freezing temperatures so wrapping the tank with fiber insulation is the least expensive route to take. This involves wrapping the top, sides, and exposed pipe with blankets made from fiberglass.  You can find these wraps at your local hardware for less than $12, they are an inch thick and when doubled provide double the insulation for regions of the country where lower temperatures linger for days or weeks

Measure twice, and cut once.  Measure your tank before heading out to the hardware store.  Include the pipe that extends to or from the tank as part of your project

Shopping List:  Insulation, Extra strapping material. You might consider a heat tape for your pipes which will provide a low voltage of electricity, heating the water that is flowing through the pipe. This is advised in regions of the country where temps will be below freezing for days or months. We also suggested the heated tape when you are leaving your water source for days or months. The lack of water flow through the pipe will likely be your first freezing point.




Submersible Water Heater

Submersible electric water heaters deliver current from a heating element which will keep the water around the unit from freezing. Depending on the size of your tank you might consider two units.

Shopping List: Walmart sells the units and the costs range from $20-$40. 

Reduce Freezing Risk with these easy Tips

Underground Cistern Tanks –Poly Tanks that are manufactured for underground use are built with a sustainable design allowing for up to four feet of depth for burial.

Above Ground Fresh Water Storage Tanks- The larger the tank the less worry and attention your tank will need during freezing temperatures..

Prevent Freezing and Increase Efficiency with Continuous Water Movement

Plastic Poly vs Metal Tanks – Plastic tanks are pliable allowing you to bump/hit and even move to covered or wind-protected areas of your property.

All About Tanks has a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to fit your needs. Our tanks are made from resilient polyethylene plastic that will suit any winterization plan. 

There are many shapes and sizes of poly plastic tanks and NO, you do not need a PhD in physics when purchasing, installing, and caring for a home water storage tank. We take time to listen to your needs and present you with a solution.

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