About Our Refuse Containers

All About Tanks is a distributor of Custom Roto-Molding refuse containers that come in two sizes: 200 and 300 gallons. These containers are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Class 2 plastic, which is durable and fully recyclable and at your request Cross-Link Polyethylene (XLPE).

The cans are available in standard black and dark green and can be hot stamped with your company or city logos, as well as serial numbers. The lids are interchangeable with our 200 and 300 containers, and they can also fit other container brands in the marketplace.

The containers feature seamless construction and uniform wall thickness, making them strong and reliable. They have enforced side walls for heavy use and a smooth interior finish for easy cleaning. The containers have a UV stabilizer added to the resin to resist surface fading. They are designed to be wheel-free to prevent excessive movement. Our products are made of HDPE plastic, which reduces noise levels compared to metal containers. They are also low maintenance, never need painting, and are rust and dent-8 resistant.

Our containers have an easily accessible loading height and are designed for use by side-load residential trucks. Custom Roto-Molding plant located in Caldwell Idaho using rotational molding technology and are shipped Nationwide.