The Benefits of Water Collection

The Benefits of Water Collection

Growing up it was common to have a large water collection tank or cistern on your property for water collection. Our large tobacco barn's rooftop water collection was the perfect resource for all our water needs. We never heard our parents’ express concerns with water consumption as we always had water when we turned on the water faucet.  

In areas of our country, freshwater is a scarce commodity for households, fire suppression, and irrigation. The uncertainty of trusting there will be water when the faucet, lawn hose can be reduced when you install a freshwater water storage tank system.  Here are a few reasons why having one or many water storage tanks makes sense.

Snow and rain that falls from the sky is FREE

All you need is a house, barn roof, or even a greenhouse which can easily be calibrated to the standard surface area. Click here to easily calibrate the size tank you will need. 

Whether living off the grid or in the city, you are now water self-sufficient.

In the United States depending on the state or county you live in rainwater collection rebates may be available.  For a quick look at what we found, simply click here.  Oh, sorry Colorado, it seems that collecting rainwater is illegal in the entire state.

OHHH that Smell

Does your water have THAT SMELL? Do you wonder to yourself what side effects all the chemicals are causing to your gut?

Your water collection storage may not need treating as you know your stored water is clean and free of chemicals.  All you need is to keep the roof clean of debris and clean the collection tank from time to time.  

Well, Well, Well

Poor land planning by states and counties has increased stress on water wells and aquifers that have been used by property owners for decades to provide reliable water. The water you collect on your property cannot be taxed or regulated, having your water collection system eliminates the stress of depending on your community well or water ditch management as a water resource.

Property Value

Adding a rainwater collection system to your property increases the value of your property on several levels.

  • Yes! We Are GREEN- Eco-Friendly Homes and Companies provide water storage solutions that incorporate green technologies to comply with environmental standards set by counties or states.
  • Reduce a Household Expense The average household monthly water bill is $37. West Virginia is the highest with an average cost of $72 and California comes third in at $65.
  • Green, Green Grass. In regions of the country where water is either scarce or not connected to a municipal supply. Rainwater harvesting provides the critical water needed for yard water sprinkling systems and adds a fire suppression resource. Yes, your lawn’s green grass will add property value and serve as a fire protection barrier.
  • Water to Go! Rainwater collection tanks are made of poly making them easy to move to different areas on your property. Or, if you decide to move, load it up and move it with you.

Does it make sense to have a rainwater collection? YES!  Be SELF SUFFICIENT. A rainwater collection system is a basic item to have in every household.

Installing a tank is very simple and cheap.  All you will need is a tank that fits within your budget. The availability of different sizes of tanks that All About Tanks offer range in capacity from 20 to 20,000 gallons, and are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Regardless of your rain harvesting needs, we can help you find the right tank for your property.

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