2000 Gallon Cone Bottom Tank

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2000 Gallon Cone Bottom Tank with 25' Lid 

Cone bottom tanks, also known as sloped bottom tanks, conical tanks, full drain tanks, fermenter tanks, brewing tanks, and mixing tanks, are a perfect solution for ensuring that every last drop is extracted from the tank. The conical bottoms of these tanks enable quick and complete drainage. These tanks are widely used in various sectors such as industrial, agricultural, commercial, manufacturing, and water treatment. They are also commonly used in winemaking, vinification, brewing beer, and distilling. In addition to being FDA approved to hold potable water, these tanks are frequently used to store chemicals, fertilizers, slurry, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and biodiesel.

  • Capacity: 2000 Gallons

  • 24" Threaded Lid With Breather

  • 2" Polypro With EPDM Gasket Outlet

  • 2" Banjo Full Drain With EPDM Gasket (Optional).

  • The standard 2" polypro fitting will have a little bit of liquid left in the tank whereas the Banjo fitting has a full drain on it and all liquid will completely drain out of the tank

  • Tank Stand (Optional)

  • Manufactured using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Also available in cross-linked polyethylene (Contact us for a quote)

  • Rated: 2.0 Specific Gravity

  • Weight: 585 lbs.

  • Dimensions: 90"D x 96"H


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