Cold Plunge Tank 300 Gallon. Call for Freight Charges

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Cold Plunge Tank  Only $550.00

Shipping Rate Averages $295.10

Enjoy the privacy of cold therapy in your backyard or inside your home.

The benefits of ice baths: How to safely take an ice bath at home. Click to read


HOLDS 300 Gallons of Water

Drain Outlet Fitting Location Available Upon Request:  Long side, Short side, No Outlet Needed or Ship Loose.

Width: 48" or 4FT

Length: 58" or 4.8FT

Depth: 28" or 2.3ft

Tank Without Water Weighs: 100lbs 

With Water Weights: 2400lbs

Manufactured in Idaho

5 Year Warranty

Manufactured with Heavy Duty Poly Plastic to withstand the elements outside or inside.

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