Underground Water Storage Tanks

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A cistern is a simple and surefire way of bringing your water costs down. From their prime purpose, which is holding water and storing it for future uses, cisterns are also utilized in a number of applications – from toilet flushes, irrigation to deviating water from buildings and streets.

This is the Custom Roto-Molding 1000 Gallon Cistern Burial Tank.

Features: Capacity:

1000 Gallons

22" Gasket Locking Lid

2 x 2" Polypro Inlet / Outlet fittings

Manufactured using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Weight: 385 lbs. Dimensions: 102L x 59.87W x 58H

Frequently Asked Questions about Cisterns:

  • Can I use a cistern tank above ground?

Underground plastic cistern tanks are designed for below ground use but can be used above ground. We recommend above ground storage tanks that are specifically designed for above ground use and applications.

  • How do you access underground plastic septic tanks

Each plastic cistern tank comes equipped with manhole access hatches  In addition, risers can be added to the top of the tank providing ground level access. Without a riser you would need to dig up the soil above the manway to gain accessibility.

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